Minibar040 – POINT G – Classics & Unreleased Jams

  • A1 – chicken coma
  • A2 – jean-claude
  • B1 – mister dallas (cabanne edit)
  • B2 – sous pression
  • C – sun 2
  • D1 – busy
  • D2 – land 2 vocal

Gregory Darsa aka POINT G aka Dj Gregory is a long-time galaxy traveler. During one of his journeys, he met Cap’n Cabannon in a mercenary spacecraft, and as they were exchanging time travel techniques, they came out with the idea of creating a flat black hole able to achieve a 20 years trek in just a few minutes.

So here we are: Classics & Unreleased Jams, provides a high quality rush fuel that turns any space travel into an exhilarating time experience.


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