Agnès started disco dancing at the age of 3. The parental couch was his favorite dance floor. Straight, yet groovy modern & minimal house music is the focus…

Teenager Agnès fancied weird and dark things, many of my influences come from the time when my walkman played Scorn, J Saul Kane, The Prunes and other dark instrumental hip hop releases. I always liked artists that where able to stay mysterious while still feeding your mind with their universe. A record I like is at the end a perfect mix of the artists soul interacting with my thoughts that comes out of what I listen. To me it is the ultimate rating for a record. No need for stars… I guess hip-hop is also why I quest and rely heavily on beats and work hard at having my very own grooves.
My interest for a more minimal and banging house music really started from the holy Mike Inc, he played live in the one and only club of my home town, Fri-Son in Fribourg back in 1997. What a set, what a man behind machines smashing punchy, crunchy beats out of a plastic kit. I think my mind glued on that music so hard because I knew that I was chanceful. I knew this night triggered something deep in me. He was the living proof that doing dark and devastating things while still making people dance was possible.

Back in 2003 Agnès initiated sthlmaudio recordings, a small record label that is aimed at putting out modern minimalism. Sthlmaudio recordings was/is hard work, no one knew us at that time. But I think it’s the way of doing things. Passion is the key! Strangely the good feedbacks came from aboard Switzerland first. So I could connect to others artists internationally and started to put out underrated modern artists. A huge help came as well from the “groove spectre” namely; Puma. He contributed to a 10” release that was hugely spinned/charted around the globe.
Sthlmaudio recordings is now moving on, there’s plenty of good releases in the starting blocks… starting with Apoll’s Monumental Haircut. I’m so excited by the schedules for 2005-2006. If all the artists I’ve planned/contacted will release 12”/10” on sthlmaudio then I guess I’ll be the most happy money loosing label manager…
Also, I’ve been working a lot with Chaton from Plak Records recently and this has been rewarding for me as well. He is such a nice person and has the same musical approaches. From this relation a 12” of remixes is born. The remixes concerns Chaton + Hopen original tracks and includes two remixes, a Donato Dozzy rebuild and a Agnès deeptroit rebuild. The 12″ will hit the streets soon on Plak Records.
Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that supported us from the beginning and to thank you reader!