Jean-Guillaume Cabanne owns a solid education as a Jazz musician and used to hold the guitar in various bands. Cabanne really got over to electronic music with two ep’s for Logistic Records in 1997 in collaboration with John Thomas. He had discovered electronic music in the beginning of the 90’s and was already active in the house and techno scene in Paris, helping to promote events and occasionally working the lights at the famous Rex Club. In 2000, he is given the opportunity by the Logistic team to set up his own sub-label Telegraph, exclusively dedicated to the music he stands for. In the meantime, he also releases on a few other groundbreaking labels like 7th City, Perlon or Karat. In 2005 he creates his own label, Minibar Music, quickly setting a reference in this particular style of music. Cabanne also likes to engage in group activities, most noticeably with Ark as Copacabannark, with David Gluck as Ultrakurt or with John Thomas for his Blackstage project.

Cabanne now has a solid 10 year experience as a DJ and live musician, touring around the world’s most reknown clubs and occasionally participating in improvised jams with Ark, Thomas Brinkmann, Daniel Bell, Audio Werner and most notoriously the Narod Niki live project initiated by Ricardo Villalobos.
2010 saw a turn in Cabanne’s career with the inauguration of the Minibar in the centre of Paris, a small, human-sized place somewhere between a bar and club, where lovers of music and experimental art can gather and create.
2011 will also finally see Cabanne’s first solo album.


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