Born in 1979 in Lausanne.
Lives and works in Lausanne.
Plays much more in Zürich than anywhere else.
Will probably die in Ibiza.

Before coming to eletronic music, Gregory made his teenager musical education playing guitar in a band named Parazit. The band still exists as an adult trio playing a nervous instrumental postrock.

Like everybody else, he is very active in the local scene, organizing parties, collaborating with other musicians (Liviu, Cosili, …) and bands (Machnick), …

In 2005, Gregorythme did his first e.p. on Brüchstucke, a Zürich based label. A second one, produced with Laps, came out in autumn on Cadenza under the name of Digitaline. Both records were successfully received by press and public.

The year 2005 was also full of liveacts in wonderful venues like Dachkantine, Panoramabar, Club der Visionär, Labitzke, 34m2, … As a conclusion of this year of clubbing, the track “Croque-Mitaine” from the Cannibale EP first appeared on the Dachkantine’s closing compilation.

The Cannibale EP (minibar006) was composed between the end of summer and autumn 2005. During this time, Gregorythme meaningfully got lost in the deepest woods, where strange things happen… He brought back some voices, whispers, melodies, crakings, vibrations… Everything is still very confused. But now, we are sure that they play music before dinner !


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