Pit Spector

pit spector
Pit Spector got into music when he started playing Piano and Guitar, playing with Reggae and Jazz bands before stepping with both feet into electronic music, un der the nfluence of his older brother Ark who gave him his first sampler and fed him Herbert albums for breakfast every morning.

Since 2005 pit is an active part of the project Antislah (Circus Company / Karat) along with John Merrick and Charlie Not Fonk.
In 2008, Pit creates the “Cabaret Martyre” and starts a collaborative project with the singer Ava’s Verden which will result in an Album soon to be released.

In 2009 Pit Spector releases his first solo ep on the Minibar Music and now collaborates with Griffin’ and Tilmann Schwarz, releasing as Celulle Eat.


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