UltraKurt was born in 1999 in the deranged minds of David Gluck and Jean-Guillaume Cabanne on a warm summer night in the spider-invaded shed David was using as a studio, somewhere in the woods around Paris. One year passed until the first tracks were actually produced, and two more before anything was released.

The duo first caught attention with their participation to Telegraph’s “Post Office” compilation and their remix for Pantytec on the legendary label Perlon. This début was followed by their first ep on Telegraph and a very well received remix for Robert Hood’s Monobox project.
At least as remarkable as the music, the deliberately debilitating press release sheets that came with these records left parts of the British music press guessing if yes or no, UltraKurt was Britney Spears’s secret lover and buying the records just to write heinous reviews.

In the meantime, David had split from Logistic/Telegraph and had moved to Berlin. With Cabanne remaining in Paris and preparing the idea of founding a new label, collaboration became more difficult but Cabanne and Gluck still found enough time to maintain their sheer mindbending release tempo of one ep every two years.

In 2005, Jean-Guillaume Cabanne Founded Minibar Music, which was naturally to become UltraKurt’s new home base until today.

Meanwhile, the duo find themselves performing together on rare but memorable occasions, live or as a DJ team, for the legendary Perlon parties at Berlin’s Panoramabar, Club der Visionaere’s Wicked Wednesday parties or for Mind The Gap in Paris, to name a few.

In 2009 Jean-Guillaume and David decided to release an album which is still in the works and might, eventually that is, be released in 2011.


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